Our preliminary schedule has been posted so check it out! Schedule subject to change.

Anime Ohana will host a Shokugeki (Food Wars) styled competition where the best dish wins. You could win a Food Wars Premium Boxset and possibly more!

Prejudging section:

Anyone is eligible to participate, but must have culinary experience or be a part of some culinary program or show proof of equivalent experience i.e. they were a mom and cooks for the family.

First interview and preliminary will take place September 2, 2017
Please allow your schedule to be free for the whole day
Location:  TBD
Time - 60 min total
45 min for cooking
15 min for judging
Ingredients: sponsored
Theme: will be announced via email
Recipes will be submitted

Details of the competition and judging criteria will be revealed via email
Those that pass the prejudging event will move on to Anime Ohana

Day of event: Shokugeki styled competition
time break down : 120 min total time; will be held on October 7 from 3 to 5 pm
(subject to change with schedule adjustment)

45 mins to cook round 1; to “shop” and cook
15 mins to judge round 1
45 min to cook round 2; to “shop” and cook
15 mins to judge round 2
Each contestant will be judged by 3 judges; 1 chef and 2 celebrities
Must create, single dish with secret ingredient
Teams up to 2  people are allowed
Once time limit is reached, all contestants must put down everything they are holding
Contestants may share ingredients if needed

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are . - Brillat-Savarin

Equipment and Ingredients will be provided, good luck and signup form is below. Submission for application will close Monday July 31st.