Our preliminary schedule has been posted so check it out! Schedule subject to change.

Anime Ohana will host a Shokugeki (Food Wars) styled competition where the best dish wins. You could win a Food Wars Premium Boxset and possibly more!

Prejudging section:

Anyone is eligible to participate, but must have culinary experience or be a part of some culinary program or show proof of equivalent experience i.e. they were a mom and cooks for the family.

First interview and preliminary will take place September 2, 2017
Please allow your schedule to be free for the whole day
Location:  TBD
Time - 60 min total
45 min for cooking
15 min for judging
Ingredients: sponsored
Theme: will be announced via email
Recipes will be submitted

Details of the competition and judging criteria will be revealed via email
Those that pass the prejudging event will move on to Anime Ohana

Day of event: Shokugeki styled competition
time break down : 120 min total time; will be held on October 7 from 3 to 5 pm
(subject to change with schedule adjustment)

45 mins to cook round 1; to “shop” and cook
15 mins to judge round 1
45 min to cook round 2; to “shop” and cook
15 mins to judge round 2
Each contestant will be judged by 3 judges; 1 chef and 2 celebrities
Must create, single dish with secret ingredient
Teams up to 2  people are allowed
Once time limit is reached, all contestants must put down everything they are holding
Contestants may share ingredients if needed

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are . - Brillat-Savarin

Equipment and Ingredients will be provided, good luck and signup form is below. Submission for application will close Monday July 31st.

Anime Ohana is excited to announce that one of Hawaii's fastest growing rock groups, EMKE, will be helping to kick Anime Ohana in high gear on October 6!  The band will  be performing some of their favorites as they bring plenty of high energy to open Anime Ohana 2017! Get your discount pass, only $30, today on our registration page and read more about one of Hawaii's popular bands below.

EMKE was formed in 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii by an unlikely group of friends. Bound together by their mutual love for rock music, EMKE started out as a classic rock cover band, but later morphed into a melodic alternative rock group. Kira Santos (singer/lead guitarist), Ezri Santos (singer/bassist), Mari Arakawa (singer/rhythm guitarist) and Payton Sekigawa (drummer) found themselves graduating from intimate local club gigs to playing before huge concert crowds. 

EMKE has earned opening slots for artist including Billy Ray Cyrus, Kansas, Switchfoot, One Republic, and Halestorm. The band also received invitations to appear at the music industries’ prestigious NAMM Show in Los Angeles, CA to perform with artists such as Andy Mckee and Journey’s Neal Schon.  As a result of their LA concerts, the band was awarded a musical endorsement by Yamaha Music Corporation of America.

As teenagers, there was a strong desire to express themselves through their own original compositions and musical style. Determined, they entered the studio. 

EMKE’s debut EP “Promises and Expectations” is a mixture of melodic “pop anthems” and “guitar driven” alternative rock. It’s a collection of tunes that echoes the band’s current influences such as, All Time Low and Paramore with musical undertones that pay homage to their roots in classic rock. The EP's single, Open Eyes "hit the mark" with listeners on Tokyo's number one FM station InterFM 76.1. 

As years passed, the need for further self expression lingered in minds of the band members. EMKE hoped to expose themselves in a different light, so they headed back into the studio. Thus began the creation of their first full length album, “Edit Undo.” 

“Rather than being wrapped up in conforming to what the general public wants, we’re more focused on making sure our first album is what we wanted and not caring about pleasing other people.”


“In this album we’re more in touch with our angsty side and being open with expressing ourselves in our truest form.”


Opposed to their first EP “Promises and Expectations,” “Edit Undo” pulls from a darker perspective on life experiences. Orchestrated with heavier guitar tones and explosive break downs, EMKE faces their inner demons head on. 

All of us here hope you are as excited about the upcoming Anime Ohana as we are. October isn't as far away as it might seem. To help you get ready we've decided to have a special on 3-Day Passes, for a limited time you can get a full 3-Day pass for only $15! That is a big savings over the regular ticket price so don't miss out on all the great activities, events and guests. Get your pass before this sale is gone.

We also would like to let those people who purchased tickets last year and held on to them for the new event to know that we greatly appreciate your support. In return we're planning on some special rewards for you to show our thanks. You should receive an email with details in the near future.

2017 is looking to be a great event so keep up to date by checking back here often and follow us on our Facebook page.

We want to let everyone know that Anime Ohana is going to reschedule the dates of our next event. In order to bring you the best possible event, we feel we need to build more awareness. We are now working with a new marketing and promotions group to help get the word out about Anime Ohana and want to give them time to properly promote the event. The new dates will be Oct 6-8, 2017. We know that this could affect some fans ability to attend the event and we will be contacting everyone who have already purchased tickets with the option of obtaining a refund if you like or applying it to the new dates. Anime Ohana appreciates all the support you have provided so far and we hope you will join us on our new dates. Watch for our new promotional events, as well as we have some special things planned leading up to the event. You can watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds or our website for more information.

We are getting close to Anime Ohana 2016 and have lots of news and updates for you!

To start off, Anime Ohana joins with one of the largest video gaming expos to preview their 2017 Year of Gaming, The Gamer Expo.  They'll be providing free play stations for Super Smash and Overwatch gaming station. We hope this allows all attendees to extent their stay at Anime Ohana! We're looking to make this a fun-filled 3-day event!

We'll be posting a preliminary event schedule soon but in the meantime we've added a map of the event space to the schedule page so you can see where everything will be located.

You don't want to miss out on our great guests and some fantastic gaming so if you don't already have your tickets, get them soon as the discounted pre-registration price of only $30 will be going up to the full at-door price on Sept 26th! Act fast and save yourself some money!

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